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replace or upgrade

By February 22, 2011July 15th, 2011christianity

Interesting idea – nowadays things are mostly upgraded instead of replaced.

What I mean by that?

Things that we have we replace (upgrade with) most of the time by new ones sooner that the lifetime of the ones we already have expires. There is always a new and better product on the market and we just want it. It applies with cell phones, computers, cars, cloths… and we could continue on and on.

Today’s market (and the mindset of people too) is targeted to consumption a that’s why the producers come with new things all the time so they stay in the market because people got used to this circle. The quality of the products which is still getting down helps that many times also and it is also very difficult to find the product which could survive longer than three or four years.

Is it right? I do not know. These days are this way and one man can’t change it but it is definitely worth it to think about it when you want to buy something. Do I really need it? Would the stuff I have be enough?

What is your perspective?

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