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cesta do Prahy / way to Prague

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Dnes jsem jel na kontrolní den na stavbu do Prahy vlakem. Vycházelo slunce a lesklo se mi v okně. Zkusil jsem to zachytit… u toho mě napadlo to, že často vidíme věci jen z části a přesto děláme hluboké závěry, vidíme jen odraz, ale myslíme si, že se díváme na originál. Nenechme se zmást a hledejme zdroj. Nezůstaňme u odrazu, ale hledejme to, díky čemu odraz vidíme…

I went by train to check the site to Prague today. The sun was rising and was reflecting in my window. I have tried to took the picture of it… I have realized by doing that we see many times things just partly but we do final decisions ispite of that, we see just the reflection but we think that we see the original. Let us not be fooled but search for the source. Don’t stay by the reflection but search for the thing thanks to which we can see th reflection…


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We talked with my colleagues from work about ours company situation. It is not the best due to the results of the crisis which affects the civil construction brunch, but on the other hand we are still making it through and are still living as a company. Some of our competitors are in better shape but some are in worse and some even bankrupted. I made suggestion that we should figure out what is the win of the best ones. And than to try to use it at ours company. I was quite inspired by thought of my friend who looked at it form totally opposite perspective.

It is very contributive sometimes to not compare with the best ones but with the worst instead. They already did some mistake so we can learn from them and we don’t have to do it and bankrupt as they did.

Interesting right?

15 minutes v. 4 hours

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I was sent by my company last week ( – 15th. Oct. 2010) to training seminar about leading projects, time management and etc. The funy thing about it is the connection to other meeting where I was this Tuesday (19th. Oct. 2010). The meeting took just about 15 minutes and was placed in Prague, so I spent on the way about 4 hours. We didn’t solve anything at the end, because the decision about the conclusions has to be made by our company leaders.

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I spent last few days searching the internet trying to find any kind of web pages about architecture where I could get some advise and inspiration for what I am doing. Internet is full of stuff like that. Many nice pictures and beautiful articles. Dozens of beautiful, interesting and expensive buildings.

But one think I was missing in all of it is that nobody (from the more or less known architects) shares their know-how. They are not willing to reveal their processes, using of the materials etc. Pictures just show how the final result looks nicely but you cannot find anywhere what were the specific problems that had to be solved during the building phase. The results are nice and the relief which comes with the acceptance from the local authorities or the startup is not comparable with anything from our specialization. The joy from the finished work… Read More

deadlines vs. vacation

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The deadlines are very rough-and-tumble thing. When a person wants to go (in the same time as the deadlines are at work) on holiday, he just has to meet them sooner. And so today, the Friday before leeving on the holiday, I am sitting at work till late hours, to finish, what the others want me to do. Perhaps I make it and when I get back, I hope that there will be no cold shower and a big rush waiting for me.

to work

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I have started to go to work today at home in the Czech Rep. a an architect finally. I will work here during my required internship. I am curious about what I would be able to use in reality from what I’ve learned at school in those 4 years and about how it would look like with the extending the job opportunity after my studies are over…