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not confrontation but contrast

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I remembered one thought from last Sunday’s message from our church. It was said by Danda Fafr (Chief of the Brethren Church Council) in the context of installation (it means put into service) of our new elected pastor Ales Kratochvil. It talks about how as we Christians should be different from “normal” people. I was very impressed by it because it talks about the essence of the Christianity and it sounds: “Not confrontation but contrast.”

We shouldn’t differ in the way of criticizing and attacking everything all the time, in the way that we would argue with everybody about what is true and what is not. We should differ so that from the essence of our life-style we are different. We should differ in what we do and say in one. The Christianity is a must-see value in every moment.

It is tough task but achievable and I thing that if we take it serious we would be more successful that if we stay with arguing…

cold at church

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Today we had at our church worship service about 10°C because somebody forgot to turn on the radiators. This brought me to the thought if I do not want too much…

There many believing Christians all over the world who would give much for cold church building in the midst of a free country. The do not have any of that but in spite of their bad circumstances their faith is not shaking rather the opposite. They are persecuted, they are hiding, their relatives and friends are in the prison, they are threaten with death but nevertheless they still believe. The need taught them to put the priorities in the right order.

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