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Roman’s square – Brno

By July 25, 2010September 22nd, 2011work
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Roman's square

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Roman's square

There is an acrhitectural competition taking place these days which takes care about renewal of the Roman’s square in Brno. We are joining the competition with our company and few other friends with hope that our ideas will not sink…

The location is namely very interesting. It is very quiet part of busy city center. It also very deprived part. There are just three restaurants and one tearoom that really work here. Nothing more and nothing less… but at the same time the potential of the place at city context is enormous. There are really nice vaults here. There is space for a small park here with an opportunity for neighbor people to take rest in, there is a old building belonging to monastery, which contains huge possibilities and we could continue the same way on and on…

But what will push this place closer to the quality that attracts people’s attention is not about beautiful (new or rebuilt) buildings, it is not about nice and well maintained shop-windows or high-quality food which is cooked here. These things are just very good instrument for achieving the goal. What is the most important is the need to create a general environment which is welcoming to the people. To create a place where people can sit down and talk even when it’s not at the restaurant’s outside tables. Place where people can smell the flowers even when it is not at the most beautiful flowerpot. Place where people could drink water or refresh them selves and pay not even a koruna. Place where people can enjoy recent art which is not represented in a form of sprayed facades, but it is beautiful part of that space. Place where children can play without puncturing a hypo to their hand or without running at the dog’s excrements.

Is it possible to put all of it into one spot? Is it possible to give to all of these needs the unity? Is it possible at all? I think that is is possible but with two basic conditions:

a) quality design of the whole space from an architect who impeaches the context of the place and people living there and their needs
b) people who takes that design as their and realize that and give it the soul…

We architects propose the solution but we need people to realize it because we are just empty hay without those people

The whole thing is just waste of money, time and effort without people who would realize the ideas from this competition what ever it brings up…

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