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By July 30, 2010September 22nd, 2011work

I spent last few days searching the internet trying to find any kind of web pages about architecture where I could get some advise and inspiration for what I am doing. Internet is full of stuff like that. Many nice pictures and beautiful articles. Dozens of beautiful, interesting and expensive buildings.

But one think I was missing in all of it is that nobody (from the more or less known architects) shares their know-how. They are not willing to reveal their processes, using of the materials etc. Pictures just show how the final result looks nicely but you cannot find anywhere what were the specific problems that had to be solved during the building phase. The results are nice and the relief which comes with the acceptance from the local authorities or the startup is not comparable with anything from our specialization. The joy from the finished work…

I know it. I designed and than the design was built. It was hard time and we had to learn many things right on the field (in the battle). The relief came when we handed over the building, but it is just partly because now we have to deal with the complaints and small finishes.

O know that every advise costs something, but that’s OK. Once in a while I would like to write here something that might help somebody to deal with something and to move that person further in our specialization… let see, I hope that works…

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