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15 minutes v. 4 hours

By October 21, 2010September 22nd, 2011christianity, work


I was sent by my company last week ( – 15th. Oct. 2010) to training seminar about leading projects, time management and etc. The funy thing about it is the connection to other meeting where I was this Tuesday (19th. Oct. 2010). The meeting took just about 15 minutes and was placed in Prague, so I spent on the way about 4 hours. We didn’t solve anything at the end, because the decision about the conclusions has to be made by our company leaders.

But sometimes it is possible that this kind of disproportion makes profit… What about 99 sheep left on the graze without the shepherd while he is searching for the last one in all the valleys… When is found the whole heaven celebrates…

Maybe that once we could do bussiness with that company and it will bring us the profit… that the whole company will celebrate…

for now we were on the nice trip

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