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rehearsal room

By December 17, 2010July 18th, 2011music

We have decided last spring that we are going to make rehearsal room for us musicians in Betanie (that’s our church name) in the basement of the house where we live.

We did plans, we threw out budget, we let the gas pipes changed, we let the new electrical wires done, we bought some material to silence the room, we painted there, we cleared it…

… and then we lost the breath??

We are in the half of the job. Some stuff are missing yet, but I hope that hopefully during the winter we are able to finish the whole thing so we could start using it. I am very exited about it. Not that the rehearsals in our living room mattered to me, but in the rehearsal room it is going to have higher effect.

It has been my dream for a long time – to have a place where we could rehearse properly, place where is the time and space to pursue the music which we do. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one dreaming that dream but when I remember that quite a lot of people helped already with it and not just physically that I am not alone or am I?

I do not know. I am confused. I do hope that I am not really alone. But why are not people communicating, why the cannot come just for a while to help? Why they gave money to that when they are not (it seams to me that way) interested in it? I do not have the answer. It seams that the time before Christmas was not right for having a “voluntary work”. I will see after New Year’s eve. Perhaps the things start to move. I have the hope, I am dreaming my rehearsal room’s dream :-)

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