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bad memory

By January 26, 2011July 15th, 2011christianity, personal

As I wrote before I am reading through the Bible form the beginning to the end. I would like to make it in 180 days which is quite challenging, but on the other side it gives you wider perspective.

Since I’ve started I was quite caught by passages about the topic of kids that did not follow the faitha of their ancestors after they grown. This is mentioned on several places.

Judges 2:10Judges 2:191st Kings 11:6

How did it happen? Did the kids have that short memory? Did they have so little information?

It seams to be combination of both and many other stuff for sure. And to be honest, I am kind of scared, because I am the parent too.

Will me kids be believers? Is my life so clear that they could see that it is worth to believe? Do they see living faith on me? Do they see that my words meet my acts?

I can ask them one time. I have to live my best and in maximum integrity till that day. Yea and pray too, that helps a lot I guess :-) I have to say that God does miracles and promises that he shows love to a thousand generations of those who loves him Exodus 20:6 and that is my hope and confidence…

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