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God’s power

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Three following scriptures from Bible really got me. Our Christianity, our life style with God should have something extra. Something that nobody and nothing else could offer. Something that is not seen that much on the first sight but sooner or later it is revealed. We need God’s power. Power of the Holy Spirit. His fullness.

Without it we are just another ordinary group of people which comes together and sings together and listens to interesting information but that’s it.

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bible verse for 2011

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We draw bible verses at our church as every year to kind of guide us throughout the year. I personally do not see in that any mystery or anything like crazy supernatural but on the other hand I realize that many times that particular verse hit the spot in my life and help me to go through it.

I remember most the one I drew for year 1999. I messed up quite many things in 1998, many things didn’t work out for me, so I felt quite miserable.

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Bůh a komunismus II

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Diskuse ohledně mého staršího postu se trošku rozjela a tak reaguji na příspěvek kamaráda (Stréc), kvůli kterému to vlastně celé tak trochu vzniklo :-)

Rozhodl jsem se reagovat přímo na konkrétní poznámky v textu, takže, aby to bylo přehledné, jsem použil s kamarádovým dovolením jeho text jako kostru…

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God and communism

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We celebrated the 21st anniversary of the Velvet Revolution a while ago and tweeted about it this: “21 let od Sametové revoluce – díky Bohu za ni /// 21st anniversary of Velvet Revolution – thank you God for it ///#freedom #nomorecommunism”. This tweet showed up in my FB account too and one of my friends posted a question for me there: “Milan when you thank to God for the Revolution… Have you ever been thinking why He sent at us the communists?”

I told myself that I wouldn’t just go over it with some cheap answer but I would think more about it, because it is worth it.

Why did God send on us the communists?

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church buildings

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Church buildings (churches :-) ) were for very long time (mostly for whole middle age and most of the modern times) clearly recognizable and everybody knew that this particular building is a church. But this clear difference started to disappear in the society of the 20th century. It seams for me like return to the origins.

At the beginning of the church Christians met where ever it was possible. In the market places, cellars etc. One part still these days meets at the church buildings which were built centuries ago but the others moved to old industrial buildings, schools, multi-functional buildings etc. We are meeting in old church and I think that we should move somewhere else for very long time because the church it self is very nice but the other parts doesn’t satisfy me at all.

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