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Mental health

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I have started to doubt about the mental health of the leaders of our City Brno after what have happend last three days in our main square of Freedom…

a) they have made beach with bar which has about 20sqm and itis total waste of money
b) they have alowed to play bands that forced me almost to vomit and the same scenario repeats almost every weekend

above that, so there is not just small stuff, they are not good in managing things at all – it is not worth to talk about after they have let to di out Ceska’s street againt not even a year after it was completely rebuilt.

po deseti letech / after ten years

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Dnes jsme měli sraz s naší třídou z gymplu po deseti letech od maturity. Bylo super vidět všechny známé tváře a slyšet o tom, jak se mají.

We had party with people from high school class today. Ten years after graduation. It was cool to see all the familiar faces and hear about how are they doing.

I am flying to USA

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I fly to the USA today to work there for 4 months. I am curious how it is going to be there and who am I going to meet. I will work in one small inn at the cost of Michigan Lake for 12 weeks at least and than I will see. It is quite raw part of Wisconsin but on the other hand it could be peaceful there. And that’s what I really need now after all that happened recently…

so let’s go for it…