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Recently I have figured out that it is possible to post on the blog ex-post – it means that he date is set up to when the event happend and it is done. I liked it and said to myself that I do from a classic blog kind of my personal journal, because I have figured out that I have forgotten lots of stuff already.

And so I found my e-mails that I wrote while I spent the sumer 2002 in the USA and I posted them here. When I red them I had to laugh on what I was able to write and in which style on one hand but on the other hand I reminded myself of what I experienced there and what I’ve learned there. Read More

seek first…

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I’m reminding myself with one verse from Bible (Mat. 6:25). It is written there that we should first seek the Kingdom of Heaven and it’s rightness and the rest of the stuff would be handed over to us. Watt is the stuff? Jesus talks about it in the previous verse. That are the things that we need it for life.

Sometimes I like to compare. Sometimes I say myself that it would be great to have a lot of money, that it would be great to be famous and respected. Yes, it would be good, but it is not the first thing I should be thinking of, it is not the most important stuff. The most important in my life should be God’s Kingdom and His righteousness.

It sounds abstract but I guess that slowly but surely I’m finding out some particular goals which seem to apply for my life:

Do not be afraid of the future but have faith that God is involved. Do not look at how much the others have but be thankful for what you have. The stuff you do, do at the best way – at work, at home at church – do not cheat at it.

I guess that when I manage it I move some more steps further and would be given more. It is worth it. No money can replace the Holy Spirit in the long therm perspective.

integrity of life and blog

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I have decided to do some radical step today. I have united all of my blogs into one spot, because it would be much easier to handle it and moreover it is necessary to live in the integrity :-) which means be the same guy in different life roles. Each of my blogs covered one of those roles, but was silent about the rest which finally seemed to me as a tricky advertisement. In the times of tags you can filter what are you exactly interested in…

The other stimulation was that I overloaded my facebook account with tons of different links to newspaper’s articles and it was too much for some of my friends… So I got the idea to make once a week some kind of a personal summary of what I liked, what is it good to think of etc. And I didn’t want to start political blog yet and so I put everything on one spot.

I hope that this change works for better…

and the wedding again :-)

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The beginning of the new academical year was interesting (at least by the amount of the weddings). Nine of our friends got married in one month. There isn’t any mistake in that amount but one of our fiends married to total stranger…

Finally we got to see just three couples saying “I do” because two pairs of weddings were in the same day. But it was enough. I had the opportunity to play at two of these weddings and I was really honored that the engaged / newly-wed couples trusted me so much that I could play with other people on their brave enterprise…

Read More

How I lost 2.500,- CZK

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Do you know the feeling when you know were you parked your car but you cannot find it there? I had the same feeling today evening when I got back from work. I calmed down and called 156 (911 in US :-) where they kindly told me that my car was not stolen but pulled away.

I took my brother-i-law as my help and some cash and we went to pick my car. Those guys showed me the police video which was taken before they pulled away my car. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The car was in the crossroad with little peace (aprox. 30cm before the end of the curve), but the reason why the pulled my car was that it was a road-block. The car on the other side standing on the clearway sign is just non-essential. Read More


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We live in times when it is quite normal for some people to waste. There are some places where they take it in the way that it is necessary and that it drives the economy, because it leads to higher consumption which appears in the economy growth.

I personally do not like wasting (in any kind) and what I hate most is wasting the public money which our cit leaders shows nowadays. Read More

bread and games

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I am not sure if the old watchword “bread and games”, which the old Romans liked and used it in exact way when they wanted to pacify the civil disorders which were spread once in a while in the Rome by poor people and slaves, is still valid. The thought hidden behind it is that you won’t touch by hand the person who feeds you and entertains you and you gonna like him even though the food is poor and the entertainment bloody… Read More


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We have just spent few hours sitting and talking about life with my brothers and sisters in law. There many things happening around so there is always something to talk about – kids, work, church…

It is always great time which I really like because I can spend it with people who I understand and who I love. Other awesome thing about it is that we live in the same building. When there is a need we can watch others kids or dog or we can buy stuff for those who cannot go shopping that time.

Family is very important and I was given big and great family to my life which I can’t deserve at all. I am very thankful for that and I hope that our kids will understand each other as we do… I really wish it to them…

To help and protect

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Our police has these few words as their motto… I am not sure if they can help anybody in the way how they park at our street and if they are making an example for us common drivers by doing this…

I parked few times in the same way (on the clearway, because there were no free spot anywhere) and I was punished every time – you should not do it, it is ban though…

But I have hope that it will be better, hope that they will be truly help and protection. When it will happen I do not know. I am still finding their cars standing on the clearway and still without the punishment…