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the real competition

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I have been thinking about one particular topic. It is about church and attraction to the people. What is good to do and what is good to avoid etc. I was caught in the context of that all by one blog post from Steven Furtick who started a church in Charlotte NC 6 years ago and so I asked him for permit translate that post to Czech and post it here to my blog…

I got the permit so here it is :-) ….

you can find the original here.

my wife’s quote

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I red through my notes I have in my cell few days ago and I found this quote from my wife which was told at the Bzoco and Tepa’s wedding (1st Aug 2009). I can’t recall the context but the conversation topic was something about work, retirement, parental leave etc. I guess that it is worth of publishing because it results in love, pragmatism and care for my health :-) I just love my wife…

The quote is: “You’re going to work until you die so try to make it take a long time.”

bible verse for 2011

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We draw bible verses at our church as every year to kind of guide us throughout the year. I personally do not see in that any mystery or anything like crazy supernatural but on the other hand I realize that many times that particular verse hit the spot in my life and help me to go through it.

I remember most the one I drew for year 1999. I messed up quite many things in 1998, many things didn’t work out for me, so I felt quite miserable.

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we need help

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I wrote about my experience with drunk young lady few days ago. When I thought more about it that night – the thing that got stuck in my mind most was that she was still trying to run from us – I realized for myself one interesting think.

Sometimes it looks the same at our spiritual life. We are sick, we are in horrible condition but we still refuse the help from the outside because we are convinced (drunk with self-confidence) that we’re gonna  help ourselves the best way, that we are going to manage it. Or we just don’t admit that there could be any problem here. How it ends finally? We crush our mouth. Sometimes just a little sometimes more, but sometimes it might cost us even our marriage…

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dog’s excrements

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Walking the dog has its unquestionable advantages. I just can’t catch in to take he notice of the surroundings when I go anywhere without the dog – at least I live that way in the city. But you can stop by with the dog. You have much more time to think while the dog smells around or marks his territory. You start to observe the details more which you wouldn’t see without the dog – not just the nice ones but also the ugly gross ones too. You can see the beautiful flowers but also uncleaned and tread-ed dogs poops.

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dou you need help??

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I walk our recently inherited dog every night. I guess that I will not forget the yesterday’s walk for a long time. We went out around 11pm. I wanted to stop by for our car during the walk so I could re-park it to our street because I had to par it quite far.

It looked like just another everyday ease routine, but I met some interesting couple in the park. Young man with all his strength was trying to get somewhere his very drunk girlfriend who had just one shoe and only short sleeve shirt. Tragedy.

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the same

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I guess that having a dog is kind of God’s plan for me :-) It seams that he wants to give me some time to think and pray. I cannot see another reason.

Today’s evening walk made it’s point :-) I remembered the verse from Bible from book Hebrews 13:8 and I have to admit that this memory was really nourishing and resurgent. Read More