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Have you ever wondered why my blog looks the way it does or why I chose this website over all the other options out there? I’m running my site on WordPress. But that’s only part the story. On top of WordPress I run a premium blogging product called Standard Theme. It adds a significant set of enhancements to WordPress which allows me to do things like add Google Analytics for traffic reporting and format my content so that it is attractive to the Google search engine. Important if I want my posts to get found! Without a theme like Standard, I would have to get a programmer to accomplish the same thing. Read More

změna v RSS / change in my RSS

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Měním řešení RSS feedu. Pokud odebíráte můj blog přes RSS čtečku, tak si prosím změňte link – mám nový zdroj feedu – bude přes Feedburner. Klikněte na ikonu RSS (ta nejvíce vpravo nahoře), nebo sem a je to :-).

I am changing the RSS feed. If you read my blog through your RSS reader please change the link – I have new source for the feed – it will be done through Feedburner. Please click the RSS icon (the one in top right corner) or here and it is done.

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Misa recently read Bible with Steven and talked about obedience and Steven had very clear point regarding the topic

Misa: When God tels us something we have to be obedient and do what He says
Steven: Well, when He says that so we have to go to shop and buy some toy.

be quiet!!!

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Mark 4:39 When Jesus woke up, he rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Silence! Be still!” Suddenly the wind stopped, and there was a great calm.

This text linked me with events that took place in last days and nights when Stella was screaming and crying almost all the time and there was no way how to calm her down. Last night when I put her to bed I prayed for her to sleep peacefully.

She slept almost whole night without screaming and even without milk. Maybe miracle, maybe just the fact that we slept with my wife in different room. Nevertheless when I saw the above mentioned text this morning while I was reading my Bible on my way to work I felt that I experienced something similar last night in person.

And so it is worth mentioning!